Essentrics with Jane


Mitte Showroom
Berlin, Germany


juin 03, 2017
10:30 AM

Description d’événement

Starting with ballet classes, Jane van Hout (29) was looking for a ballet-inspired fitness workout. She read something about Essentrics, followed a class and was enthusiastic immediately. She discovered the power of the workout: it improved her posture, injuries were healed and she felt strong, flexible and energetic. "You work your body effectively, respectfully and in the full range of motion with the bonus of toned arms and a slender waist. I hope everyone will experience that. The fun of dynamic moving while increasing the strength of your own body and a powerful feeling after class.” This month Jane will finish the full Essentrics® certification program. 

Essentrics is a strength and flexibility workout rebalancing the full body by simultaneously stretching and strengthening all +650 muscles. A pioneering head-to-toe workout both functional and therapeutic, one that strengthens and lengthens through continuous, rotational movements. The technique has no impacts on the joints and respects the limits of the body. Joints will be pulled apart so fluid can move and scar tissue can be released. We only use the weight of our own body since a long lever is heavier. 

The workout will improve your posture and flexibility, gives you range of motion, long, strong and lean muscles, a toned body with a slender waist, a healthy blood flow and a lot of energy. It combines techniques of Tai Chi, ballet and physiotherapy. During Essentrics you flow in and out of deep stretches, engaging your core and opening your joints. After just one class your muscles should feel elongated and your shoulders and hips looser. 

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